Fire Extinguishers Inspection

Inspection is a quick check that an extinguisher is accessible and will function. It is intended to give reasonable assurance that an extinguisher is fully charged and operable. This is done by seeing that it is in its designated place, and that it has not been activated or tampered with, that the visual inspection seal is intact, and that there is no noticeable physical damage or condition to prevent it's operation. Inspections should always be conducted when extinguishers are initially placed in service and from then on at monthly intervals.
MAINTENANCE Extinguishers need to be maintained at regular intervals, not more than one year apart, or when specifically indicated by an inspection. Maintenance is a careful check of the extinguisher. It is intended to give greatest assurance that an extinguisher will operate effectively and safely. It includes a thorough inspection and any needed repair, recharging or replacement.

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